Habits & Lifestyles Create & Maintain Healthier Habits 303: Healthier Habit 6-Step Formula 4-Weeks

Have you created the right habits for your journey?

Hi, I am Chesa Mendez, M.Ed. I am the Creator of Habits & Lifestyles, LLC. I created Habits & Lifestyles to save my life! Creating healthier habits helped me heal from a divorce, survive the impact of childhood sexual abuse, make peace with money, and lose weight. Now, I am transferring my knowledge of habits and health to others.


I am  a:

  • Specialist in Creating and Maintaining Healthier Habits
  • Habit Expert
  • Professional Accountability Partner 
  • Experienced Educator

Invest in self for 4 weeks

Habits are 40% of our daily routines.  Create the nonnegotiable habits needed to accomplish passions and purpose.


Session Includes:

  • 1 live Zoom meeting (1 hour each week)
  • Uncover Habits & Lifestyles’ 6-step formula
  • Clarity on barriers
  • “Worth it work”
  • 1 twenty minute one-on-one phone call each week
  • 1 weekly accountability email
  • Zoom recap emails
  • 66-days of accountability text
  • Habits & Lifestyles workbook
  • Habits & Lifestyles lifestyle portfolio


Things you will need:

  1. Access to the Internet
  2. Access to Zoom Video (session times vary)

*All sessions are held on (MST)

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Client Testimonials:


Ashley B. January 2019

Habits & Lifestyles’ 56-Day Jump Start Program truly helped guide me in my evolution. The worth-it work gracefully challenged me to become vulnerable with myself and to ask those really important questions, about who I am and my short-term and long-term goals for myself, and then to act on them because I am worth a life well lived. Because of Chesa Mendez’s exceptional support, I’m not only back to being intentional about my future through setting monthly goals, but now I’ve maintained the habit of using a daily schedule and planning out every hour of my time the night before.