Habits & Lifestyles Create & Maintain Healthier Habits 404: Jump Start Program 8-Weeks

Have you created the right habits for your journey?

Hi, I am Chesa Mendez, M.Ed. I am the Creator of Habits & Lifestyles, LLC. I created Habits & Lifestyles to save my life! Creating healthier habits helped me heal from a divorce, survive the impact of childhood sexual abuse, make peace with money, and lose weight. Now, I am transferring my knowledge of habits and health to others.


I am  a:

  • Specialist in Creating and Maintaining Healthier Habits
  • Habit Expert
  • Professional Accountability Partner 
  • Experienced Educator

Invest in self for 56-Days

Habits & Lifestyles 56-Day Jump Start Program supports professionals  achieve the nonnegotiable healthier habits needed for their journey. . Once you change your mindset (the first 3-weeks of the program focuses on self-worth through self-awareness) and create the right habits, the rest is easy. Our 56-Day Jump Start Program is a hybrid between individual and group support.


  • 1 live Zoom meeting (1 hour each week)
  • Uncover Habits & Lifestyles’ 6-step formula
  • Clarity on barriers
  • “Worth it work”
  • 1 twenty minute one-on-one phone call each week
  • 1 weekly accountability email
  • Recap emails
  • 66-days of accountability text
  • Habits & Lifestyles workbook
  • Habits & Lifestyles lifestyle portfolio
  • Three week post accountability
  • Unlimited text support (during the duration of the program)
  • Unlimited email support with a  24-hour reply turn-around (during the duration of the program)


Things you will need:

  1. Access to the Internet
  2. Access to Zoom Video (session times vary)

*All sessions are held on (MST)


Each week you will work through Habits & Lifestyles’ effective 6-step formula which supports you in Creating & Maintaining Healthier Habits! (Weeks 1-3 are used to discover self; through awareness activities, exercises, and questions).

Week 1: Welcome. You will learn more about Habits & Lifestyles’ 56-Day Jump Start Program which includes; expectations, technology, and learn more about each other.

Week 2: Become Aware of Self. Before you begin your journey of creating and maintain healthier habits. You will learn more about “who you are” beyond the titles so that you can discover self, triggers, and desires.

Week 3: Become Aware of Current Habits. Again, before you begin your journey of creating and maintain healthier habits. You will track your current habits to discover how you use your time.

Week 4: Create The Healthier Habit. Guest facilitator Diamond McBride CEO of D M Office Solutions will share tips on how to use scheduling as a tool to implement the new habit.

Week 5: Track Your Healthier Habits. You will learn the benefits of tracking daily habits. Tracking is an important tool to achieve goals, create and maintain healthier habits.

Week 6: Measure Your Healthier Habits. You will discuss the importance of showing-up 100% and doing the “Worth It Work!” Along, with ways to celebrate small wins and celebrate others.

Week 7: Adjust Your Healthier Habits. You will define; too easy, too hard, and just right. You will learn how to use adjusting as a method to move closer to the goal.

Week 8: Get “Unstuck”. You will create list, affirmations, celebrations, and go-to activities that you will use before you “give-” up” on creating healthier habits and achieving the goal.


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Client Testimonials:


Nellie W. January 2019

I had resistance to creating a daily schedule. The thought of the new habit was overwhelming and seemed tedious. Chesa helped me find a happy medium.

In the beginning I started slow. I created a daily schedule the night before. My task was easy: create a schedule from 8am -12 noon. Then, I moved to a full day schedule, a weekly schedule, and…the rest is history. I passed the wonderful habit of journaling to my staff!


Doreen P. January 2019

After attending Habits & Lifestyles’ 56-Jump Start Program I took things a step future. I used step #5 Adjustment and continued to create healthier habits. I deactivated my FB account.  Also, I downloaded a fitness app yesterday and some of us in the office are thinking about how to do something around healthy eating together.


JakinDee P. January 2019

I’m in my final week of the 56-Day Jump Start Program with Habits and Lifestyles with Chesa Mendez. I have developed the habit of being active for 20 minutes a day.
My family and I have experienced the benefits of being active.
You are worth creating the habits and living the lifestyle you imagine. Classes start next week! I would encourage you to start your journey towards a healthier you. Message Chesa today!


Michelle P.  April 2019

This program was phenomenal!  It made me become more self-aware of my hang ups in my personal life with money, my relationships, my faith, and my time.  Just being more diligent with my time and creating a nightly routine helped me start my next day not being rushed or stressed.  Just removing that morning stress helped me be more productive at work.  Chesa is down to earth and will give you suggestions that work for you, not just cookie cutter suggestions.  She takes the time to get to know you and your struggles.  The weekly one-on-one’s and homework helps keep you on track.


Tam D. April 2019
Before I went through the Habits and Lifestyles program, I believed I had a pretty good handle on myself, I was wrong and my eyes were opened.  I was able to invest time into myself, that can be hard to do especially when you feel your all has to dedicated towards your family.  I came through this program to be supportive for my daughter as she was going through something, and Chesa was extremely  beneficial in her internal change. As far as me she helped me to challenge my thoughts, actions, and outlook on particular things in a way that put me at the center of the WHYs behind it. The program works, just like everything else you get out of it what you put into it with Chesa                          inspiring and motivating you each step of the way. The speakers that                      were involved, along with Chesa always left you full after listening to                      them to speak. If you want a quick fix, this program is not for you                              however, if you want your life to be forever changed by your internal                       self that awakens in this program definitely sign up. I AM forever                             grateful.