Self-Love Is NOT Glamorous!

The concept or “romanticized” notion of self-care would lead one to believe that manicures, pedicures, and hot baths are the answer! #incorrect

Self-care is about self-love and self-worth. How??

Do things in your present that will support an easier and healthier future

Create your own systems!

Tribes and a great circle of friends

are important, but not everyone has access to this type of support. Friends grow apart or don’t have space to care for themselves and you. Also, you can’t always rely on family.

Create what you need!

My self-care routine is everything, but

GLAMOROUS! Actually, it’s hard and overwhelming at times.

My self-care requires a lot of soul searching, standing alone, waking up at the same time EVERYDAY and going to bed early (Mon-Sun).

My self-care routine includes; daily workouts, journaling, prayer, saying no to toxic relationships (men/women), spending time alone, spending time with God, cooking “healthier” foods, creating a daily schedule (the night before), washing a little each day

immediately putting my clothes away), watering plants, vacuuming, organizing, purging, drinking water, saying no to wine as a form of relaxation, saying no to “in the moment” wants, being intentional about time with my children (putting my phone down. Listening, laughing, and asking questions), hanging with people and keeping commitments (as best as I can), and showing up for myself EVERYDAY, day after day!

My self-care

requires a crap load of #WorthItWork

My self-care routine is full of habits. My habits are my systems. My systems keep me moving forward and balanced. Even when I’m afraid, unsure, tired, and confused.

38-years of living has taught me:

1. I only get one life

2. This too shall pass

3.Take care of you

4. Start small

5. A little each day adds up

6. Self-advocacy is everything

7. Self-compassion is everything

8. Life happens

9. Rome wasn’t built in a day

10. Being honest with self (strengths, weaknesses, desires, wants, needs,etc) opens doors


Invest in self for 56-days and create habits that will lead to a self-love, healing, and lifestyle improvements.#LEVELUP. #AboveAverageAccountability

Habits & Lifestyles understands that we all need accountability. Habits & Lifestyles offers a 56-Day Jump Start Program. Our program uses an effective 6-step formula that supports you in creating and maintain healthier habits.

Our 56-Day Jump Start Program is filled with confidence, humor, transparency, and Worth it WORK that creates RESULTS!


Each week will work through Habits & Lifestyles’ effective 6-step formula which supports you in Creating & Maintaining Healthier Habits! (Weeks 2-3 are used to discover self; through awareness activities, exercises, and questions).

Week 1: Welcome. You will learn more about Habits & Lifestyles, 56-Day Jump Start Program which includes; expectations, technology, and learn more about each other.
Week 2: Become Aware of Self. Before we begin our journey of creating and maintain healthier habits. You will learn more about “who you are” beyond the titles so that you can discover self, disconnects, and goals.
Week 3: Become Aware of Current Habits. Again, before you begin your journey of creating and maintain healthier habits. You will track your current habits to discover the usage of our time.
Week 4: Create The Healthier Habit. Using the information discovered in the previous weeks you will create a healthier habit that aligns with your overall goal.
Week 5: Track Your Healthier Habits.  You will learn the benefits of tracking daily habits. Tracking is an important tool to achieve goals, create, and maintain healthier habits.
Week 6: Measure Your Healthier Habits. You will discuss the importance of showing-up 100% and doing the “Worth It Work!” Along, with ways to celebrate small wins.
Week 7: Adjust Your Healthier Habits. You will define; too easy, too hard, and just right. You will learn how to use adjusting as a method to move closer to the goal.
Week 8: Get “Unstuck”. You will create list, affirmations, celebrations, and go-to activities that you will use before you “tap-out” on creating healthier habits and achieving the goal.


Things Needed:

  1. Habits & Lifestyles: Healthier Habit Workbook-Included in the cost of the online course (The workbook will be sent to you in the mail)
  2. Habits & Lifestyles: Lifestyle Portfolio-Included in the cost of the online course (The portfolio will be sent to you in the mail)
  3. Access to the Internet
  4. Access to Zoom Video Communications-Zoom meetings will take place every Monday at 6: 00 -7: 00 pm  MST
  5. Gmail Email Address-Online course will be hosted in Google Classroom


Who is Habits & Lifestyles, LLC? Habits & Lifestyles is a sustainable lifestyles brand that specializes in creating & maintaining healthier habits which supports goals, healthier lifestyles, and Creating The Life You Want!


How does Habits & Lifestyles work? Habits & Lifestyles specializes in creating & maintaining healthier habits using 6-effective steps. The 6-steps include: awareness, creating, tracking, measuring, adjusting, and getting “unstuck!”


Why is Habits & Lifestyles unique? Habits & Lifestyles focuses on creating & maintaining healthier habits in 7-lifestyles areas for a holistic approach. The 7-lifestyles are: faith, physical, nutrition, finances, relationships, travel, and pleasure (balance).


What products and services do Habits & Lifestyles offer? Habits & Lifestyles products include two journals, two workbooks, and lifestyle portfolios. Our journals range from supporting you in creating healthier habits and goal setting. Habits & Lifestyles services include facilitating seminars, informational sessions, and professional developments for; individuals, small businesses, non-profits, and corporations. Also, we provide raw, witty, and effective group or one-on-one coaching.


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