Client Testimonials: Are Your Ready?

Are you ready to create the healthier habits needed for your journey? Unsure? If you can answer yes to the following questions, then you are ready to work with Habits & Lifestyles, LLC.

  1. Are your flexible and fluid?
  2. Do you have an open mind?
  3. Are you willing to trust the process?
  4. Can you dedicate 30-minutes to 1- hour each day for the duration of the program?
  5. Are you patient?
  6. Are you ready for a lifestyle change vs. quick fix?
  7. Are you commitment to Habits & Lifestyles’ “worth it work”  **”Worth it work” is the supplemental work needed to create awareness and healthier habits.**


Client Testimonials:

Chesa came into my life when I needed an extra nudge with my health and fitness. Her coaching system has allowed me to be self-aware of negative habits, create new ones, track, measure and adjust as needed. She is a thought-provoker that makes you think outside the box but does it all with grace and love. She’s a great human being that gives you more than you expect and I will always be grateful to have her as a friend and coach.
(2.5 hour Crash Course)
Agnes Goodwine
Host @LevelUpTribesPodcast
Level Up Tribes, LLC


Joya S. August 2019

Where do I start? Meeting Chesa 6 months ago has brought so much fulfillment and joy to my life! From our initial interaction she had this transparent spirit that was genuinely captivating!
Through her personal stories and openness about her journey I was made self aware and called to action in my own life. I had goals and aspirations that were idle, Chesa didn’t hesitate to inquire “well, what’s stopping you?” Seemingly a loaded question, however with her skilled approach I’m developing ways to prioritize and tackle those obstacles one by one. Becoming more self aware, speaking my truth and breaking generational curses has giving me the foundation to create permanent habits -getting me closer to my goals! Chesa’s accountability to success is uncanny, keeping one centered, focused and positive!

Forever grateful,


Terry N. June 2019

Chesa Mendez stands out in a room.  She has an alertness and an authenticity about her presence that is noticeable and compelling.  After getting to know her better and taking her Habits and Lifestyles class, I believe that she strikes me that way because she has done a lot of work to become more real in this world.  Chesa comes across as someone who has begun to dismantle her mask, the one most of us end up wearing in one way or another to try and be safe, but that causes us to end up losing touch with who we are and how we want to express that energy in the world, which is not safe at all!  So, let’s all get out of this mask, shall we?  Chesa is a great role model for anyone who wants to be real about who they are now, why they want to make a change, and who is willing to do the work to allow this to happen.  Chesa has done and is doing the work to get to the heart of who she is, who she wants to be, and what the habits are that will bring her to the life of her dreams.  That kind of energy is priceless.  I am so thankful for the time I got to spend with her, to pick up on her energy and teachings, and carry her precious influence into my own life.  She knows how to teach others to make a powerful change because she has made them herself, and she keeps on making them.  Chesa goes out of her way to support others in a way that is humbling and inspiring.  She is an enormously valuable asset as a teacher and an influencer.  I will continue to learn from this woman and be blessed.
Blessings Chesa,


Michelle P.  April 2019

This program was phenomenal!  It made me become more self-aware of my hang ups in my personal life with money, my relationships, my faith, and my time.  Just being more diligent with my time and creating a nightly routine helped me start my next day not being rushed or stressed.  Just removing that morning stress helped me be more productive at work.  Chesa is down to earth and will give you suggestions that work for you, not just cookie cutter suggestions.  She takes the time to get to know you and your struggles.  The weekly one-on-one’s and homework helps keep you on track.


 Ta’Nya W. April 2019
I learned a lot about myself from this program and about who I am.  Before I entered the program I had no idea who I was or where I was going to go in my life.  Ms Chesa helped me flip a switch.  It helped me realize that  I don’t need to pretend to be someone else just to fit in with other people. Other major benefits of the program for me helping me realize my true self worth, helping me realize I’m perfect just the way I am ,and Also helping me realize I don’t need to change for anyone except for myself.This program has been such a great help to me and my well being.I would like to thank you for not only allowing me to join the program but also for believing  and giving me hope that I can change.


JakinDee P. April 2019

I’m in my final week of the 56-Day Jump Start Program with Habits and Lifestyles with Chesa Mendez. I have developed the habit of being active for 20 minutes a day.
My family and I have experienced the benefits of being active.
You are worth creating the habits and living the lifestyle you imagine. Classes start next week! I would encourage you to start your journey towards a healthier you. Message Chesa today!


 Tam D. April 2019
Before I went through the Habits and Lifestyles program, I believed I had a pretty good handle on myself, I was wrong and my eyes were opened.  I was able to invest time into myself, that can be hard to do especially when you feel your all has to dedicated towards your family.  I came through this program to be supportive for my daughter as she was going through something, and Chesa was extremely  beneficial in her internal change. As far as me she helped me to challenge my thoughts, actions, and outlook on particular things in a way that put me at the center of the WHYs behind it. The program works, just like everything else you get out of it what you put into it with Chesa inspiring and motivating you each step of the way. The speakers that were involved, along with Chesa always left you full after listening to them to speak. If you want a quick fix, this program is not for you however, if you want your life to be forever changed by your internal self that awakens in this program definitely sign up. I AM forever grateful.


Nellie W. January 2019

I had resistance to creating a daily schedule. The thought of the new habit was overwhelming and seemed tedious. Chesa helped me find a happy medium.

In the beginning I started slow. I created a daily schedule the night before. My task was easy: create a schedule from 8am -12 noon. Then, I moved to a full day schedule, a weekly schedule, and…the rest is history. I passed the wonderful habit of journaling to my staff!


Doreen P. January 2019

After attending Habits & Lifestyles’ 56-Jump Start Program I took things a step future. I used step #5 Adjustment and continued to create healthier habits. I deactivated my FB account.  Also, I downloaded a fitness app yesterday and some of us in the office are thinking about how to do something around healthy eating together.


Ashley B. January 2019

Habits & Lifestyles’ 56-Day Jump Start Program truly helped guide me in my evolution. The worth-it work gracefully challenged me to become vulnerable with myself and to ask those really important questions, about who I am and my short-term and long-term goals for myself, and then to act on them because I am worth a life well lived. Because of Chesa Mendez’s exceptional support, I’m not only back to being intentional about my future through setting monthly goals, but now I’ve maintained the habit of using a daily schedule and planning out every hour of my time the night before.


Tamiya G. 2017

Participating in the 60 Day Support System with Chesa has been a life changing experience. Talk about accountability, encouraging and supportive words and someone who just GETS IT. I looked forward to the daily emails because it gave me that extra push I need to keep going in my journey of trying to incorporate healthier habits into my fast pace and chaotic lifestyle. I loved the fact that Chesa was so honest, real, and relatable. When I initially thought about lifestyle changes I thought it would be something drastic or something I couldn’t fully commit to, but with Chesa’s support I learned that even taking moments out of my day to breathe or stretch was incorporating healthier habits. I truly appreciated how to the point the emails were, and Chesa’s flexibility when needing to communicate with her.

If you are considering making a lifestyle change and are in need of some support I would definitely recommend Chesa through her Habits & Lifestyle’s 60 Day Support System. What better way to make a healthier lifestyle change than with the support of someone who’s going to encourage you, uplift you, and more importantly who has made her own lifestyle changes and can support by example.

Thanks Chesa!!


Britneey R. 2017

Chesa has been PHENOMENAL & has been with me & continuing on this journey of mine. If it wasn’t for Habits & Lifestyle there would be a lot more chaos. She has even followed up with me to make sure I am staying on track. She actually showed me she is willing to see me to the end



Gina N. January 2017

Chesa helped me to envision where I wanted to be in one month, one year, and then in five. With her goal setting steps I have started my own business and taken my career to the next level. I continue to revisit each of the 7 lifestyle areas to see how I can create and maintain healthier habits to better my life. I would recommend working with Chesa to anyone ready to make positive changes in your life.


Maha W. January 2015

I was always looking for fast results. I realized that I needed to build. To learn and grow my habits. On a business level I tripled my income. On a personal level, I struggled with weight loss. I always wanted to lose that 5 pounds. I learned that you put one foot in front of the other. Journaling helped me clear my head, it helped with my anxiety. Journaling for 10-minutes each night helped me set my goals for the next day. Waking up was my hardest challenge. Now I wake up at 5:30 am, I set my intention and I just do it. I think that is where Habits & Lifestyles helped me. Looking back a year ago. I have a lot of difference in my life.