Who: Habits & Lifestyles is a health & wholeness agency. We offer a holistic approach that focuses on seven lifestyle areas. We specialize in creating & maintaining the healthier habits needed for your journey known as non-negotiable habits.

How does Habits & Lifestyles work? Habits & Lifestyles specializes in creating & maintaining healthier habits using 6-effective steps and discovering self-worth. The 6-steps include: awareness, creating, tracking, measuring, adjusting, and getting “unstuck!”

Why is Habits & Lifestyles unique? Habits & Lifestyles focuses on creating & maintaining healthier habits in 7-lifestyles areas for a holistic approach. The 7-lifestyles are: faith, physical, nutrition, finances, relationships, travel, and pleasure (balance).

What products and services do Habits & Lifestyles offer? Habits & Lifestyles products include two journals, two workbooks, and lifestyle portfolios. Our workbooks range from supporting you in creating healthier habits to goal setting. Habits & Lifestyles services include professional development, coaching, ongoing support, a la carte services, events, and speaking.


Creator. Habit Expert. Professional Accountability Partner.

Hello Healthy People,

Chesa Mendez, M.S. Specialist in Creating and Maintaining Healthier Habits, Habit Expert, Professional Accountability Partner, and Experienced Educator. She is the Creator of Habits & Lifestyles, LLC.  She created Habits & Lifestyles to save her life! Creating healthier habits helped her heal from a divorce, survive the post impact of childhood sexual abuse, make peace with money, and lose weight. Now, she is transferring her knowledge of habits and a sustainable lifestyle with others.

Chesa is a mom, daughter, sister, friend, and educator. She believes in self-worth, “worth it work”, celebrating others and self. She enjoys family, food, music, and learning new things. Some would say that Chesa is raw, witty, and effective.  Her motto is “leave more than you take.”

Let’s Celebrate Each Other! Contact me for speaking engagements, professional development, professional accountability, a free consultation, or simply say hi.