Top 9 Things I Learned While Creating The Life I Want

I created Habits & Lifestyles out of necessity. At one point in my life, things weren’t going well. I had dreams and desires that went unmet for years.
One day I realized life was passing me by, I wasn’t living. Something needed to change. I decided to start living, going after goals and Create The Life I Want.

The process wasn’t easy. It took a lot of hard work. I failed more than once but kept moving forward. There were times when I thought; things would never get right. There were times when I “KNEW” I had it right, but I was wrong. However, throughout my journey, I learned valuable lessons.

The 09 Lessons I Learned

1. Be Obedient-As parents we do what is right for our children. We know when they are ready to move forward and when they should be “still.” We as parents are aware of genuine behaviors and none genuine behaviors. As parents, we only want the best for our children. The best is what God wants for us. The only difference is, God is the ultimate parent.  It is not our job to figure out God’s plans for our life. It is our job to be OBEDIENT.

2. Be True To Yourself-One of the fastest routes to self-hate and depression is pretending to be someone else. When you worry about other people’s grass, it stops you from watering your grass.  Love the life you have.

3. Listen To Your Gut–  Intuition is like a muscle. The more we use our intuition, the stronger it becomes. Trust yourself and the choices you make. If you are unsure, wait. Give yourself time to reflect.

4. Trust Your Journey-Faith isn’t always easy because it is unseen. However, stand strong and trust your journey.

5. Prayer Works- Point blank period.

6. Embrace Change-Pain comes from trying to be in control. Let go and embrace change. The only constant thing in life is change. Yes, change is uncomfortable, yet necessary to grow.

7. Know Who You Are-Who are you? Remove titles and relationship status (example: supervisor, wife, dad, etc).

8.  Enjoy The Journey– Don’t waste time stressing about tomorrow. Yes, you have to prepare for the future, but enjoy today. Make a commitment to do your BEST each day and forgive yourself for everything in between.

9. The Habits You Create Determine The Quality Of Your Life– Changing my Habits; Changed My Life. I started making Healthier choices, which became Healthier Habits.  My healthier habits have became a healthier lifestyle.

Wishing you healthier and happier habits!

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