Habits & Lifestyles offers Support, Workshops, & Spaces. We focus on Self-Care
which leads to Self-Love. Self-Love Leads to Creating The Life You Want.

Workshop: Plan & Prepare
Support: Healthier Habits
Space: The LOUNGE


Plan & Prepare is a four series workshop. It isn’t your average, dry and boring workshop. This workshop is witty, hands-on, engaging and more.

Plan & Prepare includes:

*Cultural-Conscious Curriculum*

Gift Bag
Door Prize
Plan & Prepare: The Workbook

*Our Cultural-Conscious Curriculum is inclusive of all.

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Habits & Lifestyles: Healthier Habits believes that we all need a support from time to time. Healthier Habits offers 60-days of raw one-on-one support. If you aren’t ready for change and commitment this isn’t the coaching system for you. Healthier Habits is filled with confidence, humor, transparency, and WORK that emphasizes being a WINNER!!!

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Problems arise when women are judged, criticized, overworked, and scrutinized. The LOUNGE is the ANSWER.

Habits & Lifestyles: The LOUNGE is a pop-up inclusive, yet exclusive women’s club that provides space for women to “BE.” Our Healthy space is a safe space for women. The LOUNGE provides a community of sisterhood. A real “Urban Family.”

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