Habits & Lifestyles offers workshops, presentations, and corporate training to

individuals, small businesses, and fortune 500 companies. Our curriculum is

cultural responsive and inclusive to all.

Habits & Lifestyles: Healthier Habit Series-

Habits & Lifestyles: Plan & Prepare Series-

Personal or Group Support

Habits & Lifestyles believes that we all need support from

time to time. Healthier Habits offers  60-days of raw one-on-one support. If

you aren’t ready to Create The Life You Want this isn’t the coaching system

for you.

Healthier Habits is filled with confidence, humor, transparency, and WORK

that emphasizes being a WINNER!!!

Gold Package: 

1-Self reflective activity per week
1-20 minute phone call per week
1-45 minute Zoom meeting per week
1-Pre-recorded personal motivational video per week
2-motivational emails per week

Platinum Package: 

1-Lifestyle portfolio 
2-Self reflective activities per week
2-20 minute phone call per week
2-45 minute Zoom meetings per week
2-Pre-recorded personal motivational video per week
4-Motivational emails per week
Unlimited emails contact with a  24-hour reply turn-around

VIP Package: 

1-Lifestyle portfolio 
2-Self-reflective activities per week
2-30 min phone call per week
2-45 min Zoom meetings per week
3-Pre-recorded personal motivational video per week
6-Motivational emails per week
***If applicable 2 face to face meetings during the duration of the program
-Unlimited emails contact with a  24-hour reply turn-around
-1-20 minute follow up per week for 1-month after you’ve complete the 66-Day Healthier Habit Ignition Program  (4 additional calls)

Client Testimonies:

Tamiya Griffin reviewed Habits & Lifestyles LLC — 5 star

Participating in the 60 Day Support System with Chesa has been a life changing experience. Talk about accountability, encouraging and supportive words and someone who just GETS IT. I looked forward to the daily emails because it gave me that extra push I need to keep going in my journey of trying to incorporate healthier habits into my fast pace and chaotic lifestyle. I loved the fact that Chesa was so honest, real, and relatable. When I initially thought about lifestyle changes I thought it would be something drastic or something I couldn’t fully commit to, but with Chesa’s support I learned that even taking moments out of my day to breathe or stretch was incorporating healthier habits. I truly appreciated how to the point the emails were, and Chesa’s flexibility when needing to communicate with her.

If you are considering making a lifestyle change and are in need of some support I would definitely recommend Chesa through her Habits & Lifestyle’s 60 Day Support System. What better way to make a healthier lifestyle change than with the support of someone who’s going to encourage you, uplift you, and more importantly who has made her own lifestyle changes and can support by example.

Thanks Chesa!!

Britneey Rena reviewed Habits & Lifestyles LLC — 5 star

Chesa has been PHENOMENAL & has been with me & continuing on this journey of mine. If it wasn’t for Habits & Lifestyle there would be a lot more chaos. She has even followed up with me to make sure I am staying on track. She actually showed me she is willing to see me to the end.

The Virtual LOUNGE

Hey Girl Hey,

Welcome to The Virtual LOUNGE! Space where women can “BE!

The Virtual LOUNGE is a hybrid (online and in-person) social space for women.

The Virtual LOUNGE is inclusive, yet an exclusive women’s social space hat

allows women to “BE.” Our healthy space provides a community of

womanhood along with other perks.

Join Us and “BE!”


A “BE” Girl!