Who is Habits & Lifestyles, LLC? Habits & Lifestyles is a sustainable lifestyles brand that specializes in creating & maintaining healthier habits which supports goals, healthier lifestyles, and Creating The Life You Want!

How does Habits & Lifestyles work? Habits & Lifestyles specializes in creating & maintaining healthier habits using 6-effective steps. The 6-steps include: awareness, creating, tracking, measuring, adjusting, and getting “unstuck!”

Why is Habits & Lifestyles unique? Habits & Lifestyles focuses on creating & maintaining healthier habits in 7-lifestyles areas for a holistic approach. The 7-lifestyles are: faith, physical, nutrition, finances, relationships, travel, and pleasure (balance).

What products and services do Habits & Lifestyles offer? Habits & Lifestyles products include two journals, two workbooks, and lifestyle portfolios. Our journals range from supporting you in creating healthier habits or goal setting.

Habits & Lifestyles services include facilitating seminars, informational sessions, and professional developments for; individuals, small businesses, non-profits, and corporations. Also, we provide raw, witty, and effective group or one-on-one coaching.


Creator. Habit Expert. Professional Accountability Partner.

Hello Healthy People,

Hi, I am Chesa Mendez, M.Ed. Also, known as Ms. Healthier Habit Supporter. I am the Creator of Habits & Lifestyles, LLC. I specialize in Creating and Maintaining Healthier Habits. I created Habits & Lifestyles to save my life! Creating healthier habits helped me heal from a divorce, survive the after effects of childhood sexual abuse, make peace with money, and lose weight. Now, I am transferring my knowledge of habits and health to others.

I am a mom, daughter, sister, friend, and educator. I believe in freedom, love, self-care, and being your best self. I enjoy family, food, music, and learning new things. Some would say that I am raw, witty, and effective.  My motto is “leave more than you take.”